Episode 9

Scotland: Are they showing us the way?

This time, we’re heading north of the border with special guest Alex Hynes (Managing Director, Scotland’s Railway) to find out why they seem to…

Episode 8

Strikes, Skills & Suitcases

As the country braces for more rail strikes in early December, we decided that Green Signals should focus some time this week on understanding…

Episode 7

Lord Peter Hendy: Railway 200 & how the railway made the modern world

Network Rail Chairman Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill joins us for his first media interview about Railway 200… and it’s a good one!…

Episode 6

Why scrapping HS2’s 36 miles from Birmingham to Crewe is utter madness!

Reflecting on our recent appearance at the Transport Select Committee, in this episode of Green Signals we are delighted to be joined by Andrew…

Episode 5

How to run a railway in the era of micro-management

MD Mark Hopwood lifts the veil at Great Western.

Episode 4

DfTs humiliation and the great ticket office U turn

Some 700,000 respondents objected to the DfT and train companies proposals to close some 1000 ticket offices. Transport Focus rejected all the proposals. The…

Episode 3

How the West Coast was won 20 years ago…..and why it might not work again!

In the light of the decision on HS2, we look at the West Coast Route Modernisation of 1997 – 2009 and discuss how close…

Episode 2

HS2: The Top 10 Myths Debunked!

In our brand new episode on Green Signals, we dive deep into HS2 and debunk the Top 10 myths. To jump straight to each…

Episode 1

Welcome to Green Signals, a beginners guide to Blackburn & Burnley, and what on earth were the Government thinking cancelling HS2!

Welcome to Green Signals, the essential new railway podcast for anyone interested in railways: what they are for, how they work, and why we…