Episode 30

TRAINS vs PLANES – which is cheaper, greener & faster?

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Episode Overview

Trains vs planes – why taking the train can be up to 80% cheaper than flying and 17 times greener, according to new research published by the Rail Delivery Group. We examine the findings in detail… and discover some surprising facts along the way.

Rail ‘fat cats’ earn big bonuses, while passengers face worse performance… but is that really true? According to the Daily Mirror it is, but we don’t agree.

We have a bit of an update on the Jacobite steam train and its return to service, but many questions still remain unanswered. Is the heritage railway sector in crisis?

We discuss our recent experience having fun with steam trains on the fantastic Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway’s ‘Snowdonian’ and some of the conversations we had about the fate of the heritage railway sector more widely.

And… it’s Railway Family Week and you can get involved!