Episode 29

Time for British Rail 2.0? & Jacobite steam train fails

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Episode Overview

The Jacobite steam train fails on its first run of the season from Fort William to Mallaig, stopping near Glenfinnan viaduct… and it had Mk 1 carriages on the train.

Alstom Derby and the Government are on the verge of doing a deal over a train order for the Elizabeth line – an order that could save the UK train manufacturing facility.

Is the East Coast Main Line timetable change heading towards a repeat of the 2018 Thameslink and Northern timetable fiascos?…

Leading Richard to ask whether the answer to this and the other challenges facing the industry is a British Rail 2.0. He then shares his own six-point plan for his version of British Rail 2.0.

The Railway Industry Association (RIA)) launches a plan to deliver a lower cost, higher performing net zero railway by 2050.

And Northern Rail uses classical music to curb anti-social behaviour. Yes, really!