Episode 39

Does Locomotive Services Ltd plan to rival the Jacobite steam train? We ask LSL’s MD!

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Episode Overview

Is the Jacobite Steam Train about to have a powerful rival in the new partnership between Locomotive Services Ltd & the Scottish Railway Preservation Society? We speak to LSL Managing Director Tony Bush to find out!

We preview a not-to-be-missed interview coming very soon with former Transport for London Commissioner, Andy Byford (known in the US as ‘Train Daddy’)

We take a thrilling ride on the Ffestiniog Railway’s Gravity Train

Some shocking images from the CPKC Final Spike Steam Tour in Mexico highlight the true dangers of trespass – as a woman is tragically killed while attempting to take a selfie with Canadian Pacific 2816.

And… Avanti West Coast welcomes the final refurbished Pendolino back to the fleet, completing the biggest ever UK fleet upgrade.