Episode 25

Department for Transport good news… (finally!) & Heritage railways under threat

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Episode Overview

The Department for Transport appoints Scotland’s Railway Managing Director Alex Hynes as its new Director General of the Rail Infrastructure and Service Delivery Group, giving us a ray of hope for the first time, which leads us on to…

Richard spilling the beans on a hitherto unknown exchange that took place during the Rail Review 2004 – and why we must heed the lessons on history.

Auditors question the going concern status of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and we ask whether the sector is slipping into real crisis?

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been at it again with his private jets.

The M25 closes for a weekend… and we ask whether National Highways has done any media training lately!

Richard experiences train tickets and rail fares madness first hand…

And Marylebone station celebrates 125 years. Not bad considering it nearly became a coach park.