Episode 11

Christmas Special – Listener questions!

Episode Overview

Getting into the festive spirit this time with our Christmas Special!

Richard Bowker and Nigel Harris answer the questions listeners and viewers have been sending in over the past couple of weeks – and they really were about anything and everything on the railway!

Q1 – Was privatisation a total disaster?

Q2 – What might the impact of AI be on the rail industry?

Q3 – In the last 30 years, who would you say has made the greatest contribution to the railway?

Q4 – Can the railway community be part of the solution to homelessness?

Q5 – Which is the finest type of locomotive ever to run on Britain’s railway?

Q6 – Why does wheelslip occur on trains?

Q7 – How would you enhance the customer experience on the West Highland Lines?

Q8 – Has any politician ever made a really positively contribution to the railways?

Q9 – How can we prevent Railcard fraud?

Q10 Why are leaves on the line such a problem?

Q11 – Which railway figure do you wish you had had a chance to work for or with?