Episode 40

75,000 Unlawful train fare prosecutions & UK’s final coal train runs

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Episode Overview

Could 75,000 train fare evasion prosecutions be unlawful? We discuss train operators’ use of the Single Justice Procedure and the rather extraordinary situation that appears to be unfolding in the courts.

The Isle of Wight railway – Island Line – faces LONG closures for maintenance – AGAIN.

LNER and other train companies launch a Be Kind initiative to tackle unacceptable abuse towards staff.

It’s the end of the line for King Coal on rail – a 200 year old relationship ends when the final coal train runs.

And in good news, the railway family raise £200,000 in the 3 peaks challenge!

This week’s quiz: My first is in copper but not in gold, my second is in tin but not in bold. My third is in magnesium but not in silver. My fourth is in zinc, but not in river. And my fifth is in metal, but not in wood. I am sleek and I am fast, but who am I?