Green Signals Episode 6 – Additional Resources

In Episode 6 (Published November 15th 2023), we were delighted to be joined by Professor Andrew McNaughton. Here are some links to additional resources for the episode:

The King’s Speech

We began with a discussion about Richard’s views on the King’s Speech and the announcement within that there will be a Draft Rail Reform Bill to legislate for Great British Railways. Richard was less than impressed with what he heard and his views have been written about in several media outlets. Here are links to just a few if you’re interested in reading more:

The Independent


The Guardian

Transport Select Committee

Richard and Nigel both appeared as witnesses at the Transport Select Committee’s oral evidence session on November 8th about ‘Was HS2 decision right?’ If you’d like to watch them both (and Episode 6 guest Andrew McNaughton) in action at the TSC, this is the full video. Be warned – some of the questions from committee members might induce shouting at your screen!