Green Signals Episode 39 – Additional Resources

Here are some resources and links you might find useful and interesting relating to subjects covered in Episode 40.

East Midlands Railway’s Secret Fare

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has launched a new ticket type which allows customers who can be flexible about when they travel the opportunity to save up to 50 per cent on tickets. EMR’s new Secret Fare, launched in partnership with Seatfrog, offers a unique opportunity for those who are flexible with their travel times and means customers can travel with EMR between Nottingham and London, and Derby and London, for as little as £12 or between Sheffield and London from £16, as well as between Sheffield and Liverpool from just £4.

  • Customers can book their Secret Fare ticket from when services open for reservation – which is usually around three months before and up until two days before the journey using either Seatfrog’s app or a special website landing page
  • They enter their chosen journey and travel date and then choose a time window (morning, afternoon or evening).
  • Seatfrog then email the customer their discounted ticket with their booked time 24 hours before they depart, so they’ll know when they’ll be travelling in plenty of time.

This week’s quiz

If you need a reminder of Richard’s riddle so that you can enter the quiz, here it is:

My first is in copper but not in gold. My second is in tin but not in bold. My third is in magnesium but not in silver. My fourth is in zinc, but not in river. And my fifth is in metal, but not in wood. I am sleek and I am fast, but who am I?

If you think you know and want to enter the quiz, you have until midday Saturday July 6 to send your answer to or leave a comment on the YouTube video for the episode if you don’t mind other people seeing your answer! We will take timezones into account if you’re entering from outside the UK.