Green Signals Episode 26 – Additional Resources

Here are some resources and links you might find useful and interesting relating to subjects covered in Episode 26.

Andy Street’s social media post

During the discussion about Mayors Andy Street and Andy Burnham’s proposal for an alternative to HS2 north of Birmingham, we mentioned a social media post from Andy Street. It was this one…

Andy Street tweet about HS2 alternative

West Coast Railway Company pulls Jacobite steam train ticket sales

If you’re interested in reading the Hansard entry that we referenced relating to the number of fatalities resulting from falls from train doors, you can find it here.

We discussed the Judicial Review in Episode 15, if you want listen to our more detailed analysis of that:

Great British Railways Transition Team Train Travel Snapshot

We mentioned the trend analysis done by GBRTT that provides useful context to the news that rail passenger journeys are up 20%. You can read that full trend analysis here.