Green Signals Episode 19 – Additional Resources

Here are some resources and links you might find useful and interesting relating to subjects covered in Episode 19.

Rishi Sunak’s helicopter use FOI request

We reported in this episode that Green Signaller Richard Hunt’s FOI request to find out how often the Prime Minister uses helicopters has been refused. If you’d like to read the reasons given, you can find them on the What Do They Know website here.

Public Accounts Committee verdict on HS2

If you’re interested in reading the Public Accounts Committee verdict, you can find it here.

The Telegraph articles

In the show, we referred to two Telegraph articles that we thought showed appallingly bad journalism on transport. If you’re interested in reading them, here they are… (you will need a Telegraph subscription to read the full articles):

‘Let train firms run the railways – not the Government’, says Transport Secretary 

National joke British Rail looms over Labour’s attempt to take back control of trains