Green Signals Episode 17 – Additional Resources

Here are some resources and links you might find useful and interesting relating to subjects covered in Episode 17.

Conservative Home Conference

If you’d like to watch replays of the Conservative Home Conference sessions we reference from Tuesday January 24, they’re available on the Conservative Home website here.


Everyone’s Railway

During the show, Richard showed a copy of a document produced while he was at the Strategic Rail Authority – ‘Everyone’s railway – the wider case for rail’. There’s a PDF available on the fantastic Railways Archive website here if you’d like to have a read of what is still a very relevant report for today’s railway!


Kents Bank railway station railway library

Nigel attended the opening of this railway first railway library a couple of weeks ago, so here are some photographs to whet your appetite to maybe make a trip there yourself…


Bruce Grove restoration

One of our other ‘good news’ stories from the railway was the completion of the fantastic restoration project at Bruce Grove station in the heart of Tottenham. Here are so photographs of the work courtesy of Arriva Rail London…