Green Signals Episode 3 – Additional Resources

Every now and then we will mention some additional stuff in the Podcast that you either read or download. Here are the things we mentioned in Episode 3 (Published 25th October 2023)

Iain Stewart MP’s letter to Huw Merriman MP re Ticket Office Closures

“Too far, too fast towards a situation that risks excluding some passengers from the railway” was how Chair of the Transport Select Committee Iain Stewart described the Government’s proposals  to close ticket offices and let’s be clear – these ARE Government proposals which the industry have been forced to front up.

It’s a cracking letter that is well worth a read. You can download by clicking this Link below.

Letter from Iain Stewart MP on behalf of TSC to Huw Merriman MP (20.10.23)


Nigel & Richard’s Top 10 Railway Journeys (No. 10)

Nigel – Wisconsin Central with Ed Burkhart

A March 1999 trip on the Wisconsin Central main line in Illinois, from Neenah to Chicago. I was visiting EWS Chairman Ed Burkhardt who was hosting a party of visiting EWS managers. Our special train of four cars included an aluminium classic dome car – with the observation lounge on the roof.

We were coupled to the rear of the mile-long overnight intermodal to Chicago. Ed and I sat up there, in swivelling armchairs, drinks in hand and beneath the stars on a clear moonlit night. Magical. As we sat there, we watched as the intermodal train set back and coupled onto our train. We were parked on the main line yet the driver was a mile away, taking his instructions by radio from a shunter on the ground, standing next to our observation car.

These were all historic cars. Imagine a set of similar carriages being tagged on the back of an overnight Freightliner from Glasgow to London No, I can’t either!

Nigel’s photo above captures the heritage consist awaiting the arrival of the intermodal service that it would be attached to.


Richard – Chorley to Manchester Victoria (c.1978)

Green SIgnals and a Class 104 'White Liner' DMU arriving at Chorley with a Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service. c.1982) Photo: Richard Bowker
A Class 104 ‘White Liner’ DMU arriving at Chorley with a Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service. c.1982) Photo: Richard Bowker


The former BR Maroon sign at Euxton Junction advising the crew and the passengers they had taken the route for Manchester! Photo: Richard Bowker


Farnworth Tunnel

A great example of how hard it can be to upgrade an en existing railway whilst trying to keep it open to passengers at the same time.

Network Rail and contractor J. Murphy & Sons had to enlarge one of the 19th century bores to accommodate a double-track railway and overhead line equipment and carry out the electrification of the route between Manchester and Bolton. The project involved filling the up-tunnel with foam concrete and re-boring it. Meanwhile, the down-tunnel was strengthened to allow single-line working while the tunnelling was taking place.

It wasn’t entirely straightforward for the project teams. Loose sands, which hadn’t been picked up by initial ground investigations, ran into the excavated area early in the boring programme, setting back the original completion date.